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Southern Forests Ltd operates throughout Southland, Otago, Canterbury and Nelson.

Our Forest Managers use a dynamic approach to each forest, whether it's planning to plant a few hectares of trees, managing small operations, or maintaining a large forest.

Land preparation, planting, release spraying, pruning, waste thinning, and general forest maintenance, including weed and wilding control, are all operations we can manage for you.

We will always prioritize the best interests of client forests, with a focus on preventing any negative environmental and social impacts.

Our forest contractors are very experienced in tending to a large range of forestry blocks, providing high-quality service and consistency throughout the duration of the job. They have all been working with us for several years, some from our establishment year.

Southern Forests Ltd prides itself on offering a personal service that is catered to you and your forest's needs. 

We consider that managing risk is very significant for forest owners based on the long term nature of the investment and limited ability to correct mistakes. Working together with our experienced team, we can take care of all operations from start to finish, ensuring that your investment will grow to its full potential.

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