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Drones are a useful tool to efficiently collect imagery and video for a range of purposes.  We use drones for a multitude of uses:

  • Creation of high-resolution Ortho Photography using software that stitches together multiple images (sometimes hundreds) to form new true to scale aerial imagery that can be used by the mapping team to accurately measure areas and collect data.

  • Generate 3D imagery and generate spatial information using a sophisticated computer process called photogrammetry.  This process takes imagery and video from a range of angles and perspectives and then generates 3D spatial information that can be used to extract contour lines, spot heights and other spatial data.

  • Monitor changes over time and create time-lapse imagery.

  • Collect video to help planning and monitoring both before and post operations.

  • Easily and efficiently monitor for wilding trees.

  • Collect evidence for planting for ETS applications.

  • Pre-program flight paths and refly them as needed.

Our operators aware of and comply with Civil Aviation rules Parts 101 and 102.  We hold current UAS (unmanned aerial systems) Pilot Certificates and are trained in New Zealand UAS Aviation Law and are qualified to fly within 4km of an aerodrome.

Our drones are maintained and kept up to date with the latest software.

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