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Is your forest mature or close to maturity and are you thinking about logging your trees? We have a team of experts who can take care of every stage of the harvesting process.

Domestic and Export markets are currently very strong, and it is never too early to start thinking about and planning for harvest. There is a significant lead time in preparation and scheduling work for our crews, so having qualified and experienced Logging Managers handling the process will minimise your risk and maximise your return. 

Our Logging Managers have extensive experience managing and supervising a wide variety of forest harvesting operations in the South Island, including ground-based systems, cable-logging, and winch-assist.

We will provide a no-obligation evaluation of your forest and provide full disclosure of our estimate of liquidation value.
That is backed up by a detailed logging proposal and Logging and Marketing contract.

We offer our services as logging managers and have full operational and financial responsibility for all operations.
We have a long trading history with the major sawmills in Southland and Otago in particular and supply logs to several log exporters from Port Chalmers,  Bluff, Timaru, and Port Nelson. We are in the unique position of providing a truly independent service and can market logs and manage log sales, to maximise value recovery from any forest.

Southern Forests Ltd is fully committed to meeting requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Our company has a comprehensive written Health and Safety (H&S) policy that is updated frequently to exceed industry standard and the NZ Forestry Code of Practice. We use the Forest Safe system for all our health and safety paperwork, and we encourage our forestry contractors to use the same system.

We have a thorough understanding of the new National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry and liaise with local authorities to ensure best industry practices are applied that exceed environmental standards. Our company has an Environment Standards Manual (ESM) which we use as part of our day-to-day management of all forests we manage.

We employ very experienced logging contractors who have all been long-term suppliers to our business. They are highly mechanised and utilise a wide range of machinery to efficiently harvest large forest areas and smaller woodlots over a range of topography and conditions. We use local independent cartage companies that operate modern fleets of trucks. 

So contact us to reduce your risk. Employ our professionals and achieve a satisfying conclusion to your investment.

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