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Are you receiving full benefits from your forest while your trees are growing?
Your trees play a significant role in sequestering greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and storing it as carbon in the timber. You could be entitled to claim this carbon annually. A forest now produces two commercial commodities timber and carbon. Combined they provide an improvement in investment and potential annual cash flow.
The NZ Emission Trading Scheme is a complex model to navigate, but we can help provide you with advice, resources and support to be a part of the scheme.
The ETS is an important part of NZ climate change policy and is a government initiative to offset greenhouse gas emissions. 
If you have forest land planted after 31st December 1989 (Post 89 forest), it is worth discussing the benefits of being involved in the scheme. In our opinion, there is an opportunity cost of being a Post-89 forest owner and not being a participant.
We have been assisting our clients with ETS registration, emissions returns, carrying out carbon inventories, and dealing with compliance issues since 2008. That work is done through our associate company Carbon Solutions NZ Ltd which has the same shareholding as Southern Forests Ltd.
Contact our ETS Manager today to see how the ETS can work for you.

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