Forests in New Zealand play a huge role in our economy, our environment, our small communities, and to our local businesses.


Commercial Forests cover over 1.7 million hectares in NZ, and over 94% of those forests are privately owned. A significant portion of these are small scale forest owners such as farmers or investors like you.

The industry generates over $12 billion in exports annually, and due to the nature of commercial forests and their location, it generates many job and career opportunities for people in the regions.

It's only natural when you love the outdoors as much as we all do, that the forestry industry becomes more than a career, it becomes a passion. You have to want to be outside to be a forester!


Here at Southern Forests NZ Ltd, we are a small but enthusiastic group of outdoors-loving forestry experts, willing to assist forest growers of all sizes to plan their forest project wisely, manage their forests well, and grow their investment to its full potential.

The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, so give us a call now!

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